Joe Natuman expected to be Vanuatu’s PM

The Vanuatu Daily News Digest is having a little difficulty with the new high speed internet connection, but can advise readers of the Vote of No Confidence in MP Carcasses succeeding by 35 votes for, 4 abstentions and 11 against.

Carcasses conceded defeat. Voting to the one nomination of Joe Natuman as PM is presently taking place and clearly meets with the wishes of the House. The nomination was made by MP Lini and seconded by MP Regenvanu.

More tomorrow – much more.


One Comment on “Joe Natuman expected to be Vanuatu’s PM”

  1. Nasimal says:

    To those MPS who holding their nerves for these last few days and through our prayers in our Country you have overcame the first obstacle and now real work starts . To guide Vanuatu away from corruption and bankruptcy , I know it will be difficult case to do but you will achieve through honesty and our prayers to our Father ( The MOST HIGH ) Yahweh . Only that way you achieve impossible .
    Congratulation to our New Prime Minister and his Ministers .
    Thank you all and Yah bless the people of Vanuatu .