Vanuatu daily news digest | 26 May 2014

Prime Minister Natuman called on coalition partner leaders to be certain of the qualifications and qualities of persons they intend to appoint. He was speaking at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between them all last Friday at the Prime Minister’s Office, Daily Post reports today. He saw that governments were losing the core values and principles of the Founding Fathers, like honesty, respect and accountability. And he promised political reform to deal with the many changes of government and instability from which Vanuatu suffers. Comments from other political party leaders indicated that the new government may well see fit to endorse the suggestion via Transparency International that 2015 may be announced as a Year of National Integrity and follow-up of the idea for the formation of a national integrity committee.

Radio Vanuatu News reports the Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the People’s Progressive Party, Sato Kilman, as saying government ministers have often ignored the oath they make on their appointment. This has brought about the many changes in government, he said, as the coalition partners signed their MoU.

The Minister for Internal Affairs, Charlot Salwai, stated that registration of political parties is absolutely necessary following the MoU signing last week. This establishes the working relationship of the coalition. The breaking down of political parties has caused many failures in providing the services people need, Salwai observed. A registration process could avoid this, he said, noting the divisions in his own party. He wants to see a continuation of meetings of political leaders to discuss such issues of governance.

The billion vatu claim of the ocean-going fishermen for their outstanding wages needs further adjudication the Supreme Court decided on Friday. Government delayed payment of their entitlements following the Commission of Inquiry report, to which the previous government was committed. The deep sea fishermen’s claim goes back to the time of the South Pacific Fishing Company. Recent delays, however, caused the men to begin a case against former PM Carcasses and the government. Since the former Council of Ministers (CoM) was consulted by the State Law Office in preparation of the defence, Justice Saksak allowed further time for the new Council to be consulted.

Daily Post reports the former three directors in the Health Department (Hensley Garae, Russel Tamata and Len Tarivonda) ready to sue government for the phasing out of their positions while they were under suspension. Their suspension was for incompetence, a charge which the court dismissed.

Free dental treatment has been provided by a team of Chinese doctors who also donated certain medical equipment needed by VCH. The team was in the country for three days.


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    It would be nice to see the PM follow through on this to the end, that is, the appointment of a national integrity committee. It would be interesting to note the proposed composition of the same committee. I wonder who would be on it? As a matter of “enforcement” of integrity, the formation of an independent legislated anti-corruption body (ICAC-Style) would also go a long way to having a government of INTEGRITY.