The value of VESP

VESP is important to Vanuatu and almost fell off the bottom of today’s news post to the Digest. So that we do not lose sight of the importance of the project, here are some important facts from the press release concerning the recent meeting:

Australia and New Zealand help to improve education in Vanuatu

The Australian and New Zealand high commissions joined the Vanuatu Government in briefing education stakeholders about the Vanuatu Education Support Program (VESP) at a workshop on Thursday 5 June.

Education stakeholders with the Hon Bob Loughman, Minister of Education, Mr Simon Flores, Australian High Commission Counsellor (Development Cooperation), HE Georgina Roberts, New Zealand High Commissioner, and Mr Jesse Joe Dick, Director General at the Ministry of Education

Australia and New Zealand have been working with Vanuatu since independence to improve the quality of, and access to, education.

VESP aims to improve education outcomes in Vanuatu. It focuses on early childhood care and education and reducing barriers to accessing education for children in kindergarten to year three, including children with disabilities.

This year, 22 provincial trainers will train 700 primary teachers in practical, school-based training in effective teaching and learning. Five hundred literacy and numeracy kits will be distributed to over 400 primary schools across the country to help teach 25,160 children enrolled from year one to year three. The program also includes school grants to all primary schools to assist families with the cost of sending their children to school.