Illegal cigarette importers as aviation advisers

Daily Post can take credit last year for establishing that Singaporean company Vanuatu Trade Development Pte Ltd was a signatory to the Vanuatu Airports Contract Agreement signed by the former Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. The two signatories on behalf of the company to take over from Airports Vanuatu Limited were David Mak Kum Hoong and Eric Ong Kok Eng. Daily Post established that both these individuals were here to investigate the possibility of tobacco growing on Tanna.

On Friday, Daily Post carried more details of what was in the contract Carcasses and Natapei had signed.

Wonderfully curiously the other story on page 1 of Daily Post on that day was the Customs destruction of 180,000 sticks of tobacco imported by the company Rock International Tobacco. A David Mak of that tobacco company (UK limited liability) is clearly labeled on the internet as having served 2 years and 11 months with Rock. He is its director. Variously described as Indonesian and Singaporean, the company is said to be privately owned. It would seem not to have a lot going for it, and now it has 180,000 sticks of tobacco less. Gone up in smoke!

Ni-Vanuatu in nakamals and on buses are hoping the government’s investigative reporting by the ad hoc committee of Parliament will lead, at the very least, to charges under the Leadership Code, of civil servants who have wrongly guided their ministerial bosses to promises of 350 million US dollars. The Committee report is due this week. Criminal cases are also likely to be involved. Daily Post will continue to investigate. There is a case to be answered here and it should not be allowed to go up in smoke.