Vanuatu daily news digest | 11 June 2014

All media have reported the huge welcome PM Natuman received on his first official visit to Tanna as PM. Over a thousand were at Laminu Field and heard him explain how he had come to the people to listen to and learn about their needs because "government cannot work in isolation from its people." He has postponed overseas travel to New Zealand where he was to meet the New Zealand Prime Minister for this purpose.

The new hospital facilities are also still very much in the news because of their enabling a doubling of the number of surgical cases in a year.

Daily Post announces the Justice Ministry being able to confirm the proposed new Correctional Facility for Etas and an upgrade of the Stade facility to also house women and juvenile offenders. A foundation stone is soon to be laid at Etas for the beginning of the work there. New Zealand, which has provided significant professional advice and funding for the reformation of Vanuatu prisons, will be giving further huge financial assistance for the new facility and upgrade.

The Asian investment that seemed to get away with no current EIA for building a huge view-obscuring wall near the Mele cemetry has been billed half a million vatu for the offence.