Vanuatu daily news digest | 23 June 2014

Daily Post begins the news of the week with drunken and brawling foreign investors and their women fighting and throwing beer bottles at each other at clubs and bars and leaving one dead. Radio News declared the death a murder. Following the murder of a young man at Fatumuru Bay a week ago, the police operation Zero Tolerance is resumed.

The Independent at the weekend had the new services of the Vila Central Hospital not operating because of lack of finance. They are not yet operating because the expensive VCH facility is not yet open.

Radio Vanuatu News began with the Foreign Ministry claiming credit for getting kava back on to the ACP / EU agenda. Minister Kilman called on ACP countries to seriously consider the matters which had caused the German ban which informed bans around the world. The world’s leading kava researcher, Vincent Lebot was also heard telling kava producers and bar operators of the stringent requirements of the legislation (Kava Act) in place to try to ensure quality control.

South Efate’s council of chiefs has dissolved a task force intended to work on land matters related to the urban area and including valuation of land. Also to be included was the question of village boundaries. The task force was appointed by the same council last year, but its dissolution seems to be based on a decision from the Eratap, Pango and Ifira members. A new task force is to be established and given deadlines for its work.