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In the interests of transparency, this is how the Interim Board of Transparency Vanuatu is treating the matter of the Review of Transparency Vanuatu as prepared by OCG consultants of New Zealand …

There have been a number of comments posted on social media following the resignation of TIV’s former Board. Some comments said that we should publish the ‘report’ in question.

First of all, we would like to clarify this situation. TIV recently underwent an internal review conducted by an independent Consultant to determine the status of the organizational structure, policies, administrative procedures and mechanisms. The review returned a number of recommendations on how we can perform better from an organizational perspective.

TIV would like to advise that the report in question was the result of this internal office review and designed for capacity building and structural improvement within the organization.

As this report relates to internal matters, it is not appropriate for it to be made public, however, we can confirm that as a result of the recommendations, a number of structural changes have been implemented for the improvement of capacity and efficiency of the organisation.

TIV also wishes to confirm that the resignations of former Board Members were completely voluntary, and not enforced as has been suggested by certain individuals. This has been regarded as a natural progression and as per the Press Statement made by the former Chair of TIV, after 20 years in office, it was simply time to stop.

As per Press Statements released by TIV last week in relation to this matter, we wish to extend our deepest gratitude to the outgoing Board and recognize their commitment to the organisation and the fight against corruption during their time within TIV, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

TIV is pleased to announce the appointment of an interim Board, Chaired by Dr. Willie Tokon, and we look forward to moving on, building capacity within the organisation and strengthening the Anti-Corruption movement throughout Vanuatu.

Dr. Tokon is supported by four other interim Board Members; Wilson Toa, Joe Kalo, Bob Makin & Sarah Ludlow.

TIV is currently finalizing our annual financial statements through independent external auditors and will be proceeding to AGM in the near future where a permanent Board will be elected for the coming year.

TIV encourages those interested and committed to the fight against corruption within Vanuatu to support the organisation by becoming members. Please contact our office for further information on membership.

We trust this clarifies the matter.

Kind regards,

TIV Team