Vanuatu daily news digest | 3 July 2014

As preparations for the huge Chinese-funded convention centre proceed, some 450 MPs of the ACP and EU are expected to attend a Joint Assembly here in November according to the ACP Secretariat which has representatives presently in Vanuatu. The Joint Assembly was able to be fitted in to the Le Lagon new convention centre last year and visiting MPs will see progress on the new conference site (for which another task force is working) when they come for their November meeting. Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy wants the new centre ready for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2017. Joy is on a committee working towards this possibility.

The Wan Smol Bag (WSB) anniversary celebrations and their international theatre festival continue at WSB and notable is the Rainbow Theatre Group’s production concerning disability. "Pikinini blong Sea View" is their must see production dealing with the struggle of parents to give their disabled child a full and meaningful life.

Today’s Daily Post carries further news from the PM’s press conference earlier this week. It details the strengthening of bi-lateral relations between PNG and Vanuatu. Renewal of contacts between the police forces is one of the matters the 2 leaders discussed. This is something which could build upon the good training relations established after the Kumul Force was here at Independence, the PM said. It will be recalled that many Vanuatu Force members were trained at the Goldie River site in PNG over a number of years.

Tuesday marked the 66th anniversary of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV and PCNH) intention to be self funding. Self-reliance was the theme of the church’s mission starting in 1948 and the stewardship has been based on the Yumi Givim project since 2010. VT 60 million has been raised since then.