Vanuatu daily news digest | 5 July 2014 (2)

According to professional medical staff, mismanagement of staff at Vila Central Hospital has resulted in Vila Central Hospital being on the brink of collapse of its services. Over recruitment of new staff and payroll irregularities over the last 3 years have meant that the Ministry has exhausted the 2014 budget and still 6 months remain for the financial year. Dr Basil Leodoro, surgeon at VCH, reported the Intensive Care Unit having to be closed. Soon doctors and nurses will have to limit their hours of work to those of civil servants Dr Tarere said. Doctors have been affected similarly to nurses in the mis-management of recent times. PM Natuman met with Health Minister Wells yesterday and outgoing Acting DG Dr Santus Wari and his successor Viran Tovu were also present. They will try to formulate policies which will reverse the VT 30 million deficit being faced.

The former Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) Chair, Marie-Noelle Ferrieux Patterson, in today’s Daily Post, points out many shortcomings in the report which led to the resignation of many – if not all – of the former Board of TIV. Patterson claims the consultant herself stated in the report that apart from staff and three of the Board Members she only spoke to the acting manager and two very occasional contractors. and did not speak to either of the previous CEOs who managed the office for several years. It is another case of a foreign consultant, after a brief visit and minimal consultation, producing a less than adequate report, Mrs Patterson said. Never-the-less, the present Board is trying hard to maintain the good reputation TIV has enjoyed for a long time and will very soon announce the launch of the National Integrity System report (locally produced) on which different sectors of the community have been working for quite a long time. It is hoped the Prime Minister will perform a key role at the launch. New TIV memberships are being sought by the new Board.

The temporary floating wharf arrangements in Vila Harbour are again discussed, and in detail, in Post today. These are alleged to make use of the wrecks Northern Star and Southern Star. The Department of the Environment has never been consulted in the floating wharf matter until this week. Public discussion is called for. All relevant stakeholders are asked to meet on 10 June.

In interesting notices in today’s Post, details of the licence fees for small business holders are given, and there is the vacancy notice for Public Prosecutor. It is to be hoped a recruitment notice for the position of Public Service Director General will soon be resolved. Details are on pages 13 and 15 of today’s paper.