Vanuatu daily news digest I 12 July 2014

The Opposition MPs are spending quite a lot of time bickering it seems, especially over matters like who was promised what cabinet post at which change of government. At last we now have a leader of government who, in a free and fair election of the Members of the House, won by a huge majority and who is greatly respected. This blog is not going to waste your time with reporting the antics of the born losers who have only one cry – "Motion!" With a Thursday headline of Opposition may deposit motion before August one might well ask "and what year?"

Continuing Internet problems have brought about the delay in posting to this blog which TVL hopes to fix on Monday and meantime the excellent services of Naviti Cyber Café will be used for a brief summation of three days of news.

The main and alarming news is the capsize north of Retoka and Lelepa of the LC MGY with four reported dead. The unseaworthy vessel (understood to be suspended from service until repairs are effected) was carrying more passengers (41) than authorised (30) and was overloaded with cargo. Big Sister and Vanuatu Helicopters assisted in the search and rescue operation. The barge went down in 350 metres of water.

Law students of USP have this week staged an excellent "Free West Papua" demonstration with the main messages of liberation clearly spelled out for the benefit of the new President of Indonesia.

The Independent this morning is headlining MP Robert Bohn, Chairman of the business which operates the Vanuatu convenience flag register – Vanuatu Maritime Services, stating that there are no ni-Vanuatu professionals qualified to run aviation and maritime affairs in the country. Training, qualifications and experience are lacking. He should know, certainly if VMS hasn’t trained any. He calls for overseas scholarships.

Daily Post reports the Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL) Board terminating the services of their CEO, General Manager Finance, Manager Aviation Security and General Manager of Operations together in a batch. The move is seen as entirely political and tied to the politicians of the Rentabau Airport Task Force proposals and one of their signed agreements (about international airport control and operations) which still don’t see the light of day. The Parliament and traveling members of the public are waiting for these in the hope Bauerfield will not be closed in the coming days. Plus ça change..