Vanuatu daily news digest | 19 July 2014

There is not a lot of what one could call riveting hard news in the media this weekend: the Independent”s usual sex crimes coverage is leavened by new ‘evidence’ about the disastrous sinking of the barge MCY. Stories which have already appeared in the press have been denied by other media making the task for prosecutors more complex, as do lurid sex-and-violence accounts.

Good news … a new structure for the Vanuatu Police Service Commission signed between the Chairman Sam Dan Avock and Commissioner Arthur Caulton who pointed out that the aim was to get "the right people into the right places" – finally. Recently created units are properly in place and ministers of government are being advised of budgetary improvements for next year.

Government PRO Kiery Manassah points out in Daily Post today that the sales of e-visa and visa declarations in China, introduced by the previous government, are quite legal. However, as regards confidential information being made available to others, from these records, that matter is receiving full government scrutiny.

Prime Minister Natuman comes out strongly in Post against politicians within the Opposition still trying to de-stabilise the country for their own ends. "The public is fed up with constant changes in government. They want services delivered to them. They do not need another government to come in," he said Friday afternoon. He accused the Opposition of scaremongering, something we have become accustomed to whenever a failed government gets the boot.

Daily Post has an answer to Opposition MP Robert Bohn’s complaint that "there are no ni-Vanuatu professionals qualified to run aviation." The answers come from the General Manager of Airports Vanuatu Limited, until recently, Kevin Dick Abel. There are indeed many qualified professionals from engineers to pilots to control tower operators.

The Maewo hydro power project gets a welcome introduction in Daily Post today.