Vanuatu daily news digest | 21 July 2014

The Prime Minister is committed to taking action against anyone breaking the Leadership Code Act he re-stated at the end of last week. This is why his government will be giving more power to the Ombudsman to deal with leadership matters. He was speaking at the twentieth anniversary celebrations of the Ombudsman Office in Vanuatu.

The number of State Owned Enterprises under examination by the Ministry of Finance has changed since last reported. Radio Vanuatu News at the weekend reported the Government Business Enterprise Unit, with assistance from the Asian Development Bank, carrying out the review. The list is now given as Metenesel Estates Limited, National Housing Corporation, Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board, VBTC (Radio and TV Vanuatu) and Vanuatu Post. In the last reporting, Vanuatu Post was not included as showing diminished profits. Prime Minister Natuman announced it as his intention to review SOEs when he was voted to power so recently. The Finance Minister last week requested a legislative change to make it impossible to appoint politicians to SOE boards. The manifold failures of such boards are seen to be the responsibility of their political appointees by the Natuman Government as well as the general public.

Political appointees, however, through their spokesman Robert Bohn, are given great mileage this morning by Daily Post to talk about what their newly appointed consultant from the United States is doing as regards their unwanted new airport for which Bohn is the ad hoc review committee chairman. Bohn does not answer Prime Minister Natuman’s ultimatum of three weeks ago concerning the state of Bauerfield. Our existing international airport is likely to be closed to all traffic at short notice because the ad hoc committee on Rentabau keeps ignoring it.

Sustainable tourism activity has, however, been under discussion by the Airlines of Melanesia grouping of the MSG which in Port Vila has been looking at the specific tourism requirements which are unique to the region. And an agreement touching many aspects of tourism is currently being signed by the New Zealand and Vanuatu Governments without the assistance of US consultants. A further boost has been given to local confidence in the aviation sector by the entirely locally owned Belair Airways Limited. The company’s purchase of a Britten Norman Islander, just arrived, will be flown by two local professional pilots even though Bohn claims there are no professionals qualified to run aviation. He makes the same disparaging statement over maritime affairs in which his company has made a lot of money running the Vanuatu flag of convenience.


2 Comments on “Vanuatu daily news digest | 21 July 2014”

  1. Nasimal says:

    As an outsider Ni-Vanuatu , observing the delay tactics the AD Hoc committee having difficulty to reach satisfactory solution to the Concession Agreement . I would therefore cancel the Concession Agreement with the Promissory notes right now , because we are wasting a lot of time and money and playing number games into opposition camp . Reasons= 1. Our country can not afford the $350 million Promissory Notes . 2. Tourism do not need New Airport to expand their businesses .3. The Ni-Vanuatu Public do not like our small country to go down the road to Singapore and bring our beautiful Islands Nation State to bankcruptcy and lose their say for another fifty years .4. Explore Alternatives . 5 .A small country like Vanuatu have all the advantages but some people in previous governments blind to see. 6 . Geographically look at the Hubs around you : (A) We are on Melanesian Tri-Angle Route . (B) Hubs , Fiji / Nadi , Brisbane , Sydney and Auckland . Therefore make use of those hubs to your advantages instead of going down the road of bankcruptcy you are heading towards right now . 7. We must look into Bauerfield right now and do neccessary maintenance and upgrading Pekoa . Thank you and I pray , Our Ahyah Ashar Ahyah ( The Most High ) bless and guide our government and our people Vanuatu to make the right choice .


  2. MP Robert Sikol Bohn says:

    Mr. Makin, your personal issues are clouding your judgment and your understanding of things. The Ad Committee Committee is tasked with looking at the Concession Agreement only. Whilst the problems at Bauerfield factor into the broad discussion, the Ad Hoc Committee is not tasked with the review of that matter.

    Furthermore, you seem to be confused about deadlines and failures. I can assure you that I am working closely with the Government to bring the Committee Report to Parlaiment. There are no hidden agendas or confusion within the Government.

    Since you seem to be so much interested in aviation matters and you are obviously confused with the discussion, I make myself available to sit down and help you with your confusion.

    Regarding your comment above about Political Appointees and me being their spokesman, you now have me confused. I am not the spokesman for anyone that I know of. In the past the Ad Hoc Committee has been accused of secrecy and so the interview in the DP was done to get the right message out to all parties……the same reason that I am responding in your blog.