Vanuatu daily news digest | 28 July 2014

Parliament met at 9 o’clock this morning with 33 for the Government side, 13 for the Opposition. The Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Rentabau Airport asked for a delay to have their report prepared. The review was, however, with MPs as the meeting started and they were given until 4 pm tomorrow to study it. Parliament was thus adjourned until late tomorrow.

Government has put out three MPs – Marcellino Pipite, Samson Samsen and Tony Nari – because of their support for the Opposition which has been trying to achieve a Motion of No Confidence in the Natuman Government. The news came at the same time as it was revealed on Yumi Toktok Stret that one Government MP had advised being offered VT 250.000 to change sides. The PM advised the three they are no longer part of his administration, that they should no longer sit with Government and that any political postings they had made would be cancelled.

Over a hundred fishermen were awaiting judgement in their claim against the Government at Dumbea Court House where they had been told to wait this morning for a 10 o’clock hearing. The hearing was, however, heard in Chambers.

The fishermen were told by their President to go peacefully and await the court’s decision in their case.


One Comment on “Vanuatu daily news digest | 28 July 2014”

  1. MP Robert Sikol Bohn says:


    I refer to your Blog on 20th July and quite frankly, I am surprised at your understanding of how government in Vanuatu works.

    With regard to the missed payments to PASO CAAV missed making the proper annual payments. Through the budgetary process the Parliament agrees to government policies by committing funding to the government…….run by the Public Servants.

    In this matter the Director of CAAV actively decided to not pay the proper annual subscription fees and instead, to either misspend or return the residual amount. You see therefore that the politicians had nothing to do with the error which took place……not one year but over several years.

    Furthermore, no one in MFEM seemed to understand the budget process in order to catch the fact that PASO was being underpaid. We now run the very real risk that PASO will leave Port Vila……both a loss of face and a loss of badly needed aviation expertise.

    Regarding your reporting about the opening of the third Extraordinary sitting yesterday, you are again incorrect. Your regular misreporting of the facts seems to be habitual. In any case, the Ad Hoc Committee did not ask for a delay, we tabled our report yesterday as planned. It is the Leader of Government Business and the Speaker who allocates the agenda and so, discussion on the Report was scheduled for Thursday.

    I hope that your readers understand my comments and I make myself available at all times to assist you with the facts if you are confused.

    Regards, MP Robert