Vanuatu daily news digest | 29 July 2014

I thought I’d sent it … but it seems not. So…

Parliament has late this afternoon seen elections to the positions of 1st, 2nd and 3rd deputy Speaker, after the terminations of one or two of those who were finished by will of Parliament or chose to resign. A 4th deputy Speaker position was created. Deputy Speakers are now: Dunstan Hilton, Richard Namel, Morkin Stevens Iatika and Havo Molisale. Voting this afternoon was 31 for the changes introduced by Government. The Opposition numbered 16 present. Parliament was adjourned until 8.30 Thursday.

Robert Bohn MP, in a response to this site, blames civil servants in CAAV for the missing PASO payments over many years, claiming politicians had nothing to do with the failed payments over several years. This may well be so, but this news blog seems to remember a promise to PASO by a government not so long ago to provide housing for PASO in this country at a site which the same or a subsequent government sold for Chinese corner store retail purposes. Investigations are proceeding as to what government promised what and when.

Nasimal also comments on yesterday’s blog saying "well done Prime Minister for sacking those musical chair MPs" who were mentioned in the blog. "They are not reliable to be in your government to unite our Country and see the way forward without destroying our Melanesian Culture." Certainly the culturally responsible inclination of the new Government of PM Natuman will be much discussed tomorrow and, one would hope, applauded.

Happy Independence everyone.


One Comment on “Vanuatu daily news digest | 29 July 2014”

  1. MP Robert Sikol Bohn says:

    Hey Bob…stay on track man! What does housing for PASO have to do with the Government failing to meet its responsibilities on an annual basis? Nothing is the correct answer.

    In order to help you, however, I will do some of the basic research that good journalists are usually noted for.

    As for your blog today, I see that you correctly reported on the changes to the line up of Deputy Speakers…..1, 2, 3………but you did not mention that the Government has now added a 4th Deputy. What could be the sense in that except for jobs for the boys? No raised eyebrow for you there?