Vanuatu daily news digest | PM expresses confidence in civil servants

Whilst this Digest is unable to give a full bulletin for a few days, this from the Prime Minister is good …

Government expresses confidence in civil servants

While acknowledging that the blame for the Greenfield Airport fiasco lies with both elected Government officials and senior civil servants, the government of Prime Minister Joe Natuman condemns attacks on senior civil servants as malicious and uncalled for.

Following the decision by parliament last week to abandon the Greenfield Airport project, the Prime Minister’s office has received reports that certain elements in Port Vila are making threats and using abusive language towards senior civil servants.

“I have already stated that this is not the time to be pointing fingers. I urge everyone to learn from this and move on together,” said Prime Minister Natuman.

He added: “I wish to reiterate that at the end of the day the buck stops with decision-makers.

“It is not a light matter to be prime minister, or a minister of state. Full responsibility rests with them, which is why anyone should think again before signing anything away on behalf of the state,” said the prime minister.

During debate last week, some members of parliament took the liberty to point accusing fingers at members of the taskforce.

A few misused their parliamentary immunity privileges to hurl abuse at the taskforce members.

In a meeting with taskforce members last Friday, Prime Minister Natuman told them that in any normal democracy, debates in parliament about government projects rarely spotlights the civil service.

“In Western democracies parliamentarians would think twice before accusing civil servants.

“Anyone who does this clearly does not realise that they are only speaking in the headwind. Civil servants are part of the government,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Natuman has already told taskforce members he will select some of them to be part of a new committee that will be tasked with finding possible avenues to upgrade the Bauerfield as a matter of urgency, now that the Greenfield project has been rescinded.

[Office of the Prime Minister]


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  1. Ian McKessar says:

    number one…..I applaud both the decision of the taskforce and the comments and sentiments of the PM