Vanuatu daily news digest | 12 August 2014

The upgrading of Bauerfield runways, Government has announced, remains a top priority for the administration of today. Thank goodness. Kiery Manassah, in speaking to the press for the PMO, said that it is especially important for ensuring the continuing upgrading of the growing tourism industry. A special task force will be quickly established to find appropriate funding for the task of upgrading Pekoa, Santo, to a standard good enough to last for 10 to 15 years. An airport master plan will also be established.

It is with great sadness that the people of Erakor Village laid to rest village Chief Kaloruk Lalie Kalontak. He was buried in Saturday. Chief Leo Lali Kalontak, his older brother, becomes the new village chief by heredity, having performed the custom of passing under the coffin of his brother on Saturday. Chiefs of the South Efate Island Council of Chiefs including Pakoa Poilep of Eratap, Chief Massieman of Pango, Chief Simeon Poilapa of Mele, and Ifira’s assistant Chief Daniel Kalorib witnessed the handing over of power before the funeral at the Erakor Presbyterian Church. Chief Kalorib and Parliamentary Secretary Natapei spoke of the late Kaloruk Lalie as "a humble hero" and a "man destined to clear the bush for the making of a new road." Absolutely correct, most would agree.Kaloruk Lalie passed away on Friday 8 August, just before he should have been ordained Erakor Village Chief. He was admitted to hospital on Wednesday and died Friday.