Vanuatu daily news digest | 13 August 2014

Today what should be especially noted for tomorrow is the opening of the Microfinance Trade Fair which will continue for Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the Seafront after a float parade tomorrow. Probably involving ideas from many clever people, the Aruhuri ability to bring the production to fruition is extremely apparent, and a good introduction to the best skills of man ples will be obtained by all attending.

Also of importance this week, following the visit and a donation of his generous wife, is the memory of the late Dr Darryl Tryon which was marked at the Cultural Centre this week. Darryl is acknowledged as one of the individuals making a superhuman effort for the Bislama language as a national language. This writer recalls his production of the first gazetteer of the place names of the New Hebrides back in the ‘Seventies, and everyone remembers his founding that most important of bodies for the country’s preservation of its cultures and languages, the National Fieldworkers’ Workshop which annually brought the experts together. Australian funding and the good offices of the ANU assisted. And how many hundreds of Australians coming here learned their perfect Bislama from Darryl. His wife made a wonderful donation of Darryl’s New Hebrides / Vanuatu collection to the Museum. He will be long remembered.

And also of importance today – the works surrounding the Hendon Kalsakau custom beach-head for the people of Ifira adjacent to BP Wharf. The poor namele has almost been buried by quarry fill, a fate which has fallen other such fronds in the past. PM Natuman has called for respect for custom. Please let us all see this more.

Today’s bulletin needs must be brief. More tomorrow.