Vanuatu daily news digest | Bauerfield rehabilitation and a new task force

PM appoints bipartisan committee for Bauerfield rehabilitation Prime Minister Joe Natuman has appointed a sixteen-person committee – Bauerfield Airport Rehabilitation Committee (BARC), to look urgently into the Bauerfield upgrading project, following the recent decision by parliament to abort the proposed Greenfield airport.
The appointment of the committee follows a Council of Ministers decision NO. 110/2014 of August 7, which mandated the Prime Minister to proceed with the appointments.
The committee is a bipartisan one comprising both members from the civil service, political appointees; two members of parliament from both government and opposition, as well as representatives from the private sector. It also includes a couple who served in the former task force.
The government of Prime Minister Natuman feels that this is a significantly important priority project of the government and therefore requires the input of everyone concerned.
The new taskforce, to be chaired by the Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office Mr Johnson Naviti, has a specific Term of Reference and is mandated to source funds as a matter of urgency to repair Bauerfield, and find funds to refund the Singapore company once the government is satisfied with the amount they are owed.
The same Council of Minister’s decision also directed the former taskforce to ask VTDL to itemise their expenses, as submitted on the 23rd of July, in order to validate their costs.
Prime Minister Natuman has already written to the Singapore Company to advise them of parliament’s decision of July 31 which endorsed the Ad-Hoc Committee report and agreed to allow the concession agreement to expire.
Following are the names of the Committee members appointed by the Prime Minister on August 13:
Chairman: Johnson Naviti
Deputy Chairman: George Iapson – 1st PA PMO
Bryan Death – Tourism Councillor
Johnson Binaru – DG, MIPU
Joseph Niel – CAAV
George Maniuri – Director General of Finance
Gideon Tabius – 1st PA – Ministry of Climate Change
Emiliano Buletari – 1st PA – Ministry of Internal Affairs
Harrisen Luen – AVL
Gillion William – MP
Robert Bohn – MP
Joseph Laloyer – Air Vanuatu CEO
Joe Ligo – DG Ministry of Lands
Mark Bebe – DG Ministry of Justice
Richard Kaltongga – 1st PA, Foreign Affairs
Rob McClellan – PASO.
Office of the Prime Minister


One Comment on “Vanuatu daily news digest | Bauerfield rehabilitation and a new task force”

  1. tessnc says:

    Very disappointing to see that there are no women included in this task force. The Vanuatu government has an opportunity to provide real leadership by adopting a policy to ensure that all groupings of this kind are populated with 1/3 women – it is not that we don’t have capable women in public and private sector organisations in Vanuatu because we most surely do – perhaps what we need is more creative ways of putting together task forces.