Vanuatu daily news digest | PM Natuman happy with CIIP

The Prime Minister’s Office has given further clarification as regards its position on the Capital Immigration Investment Plan (CIIP) from Hong Kong:

PM Natuman happy with CIIP

Prime Minister Joe Natuman has opened the new offices of the new Vanuatu Financial Services Commission here in Hong Kong as well as that of the Master Agent.

The Prime Minister used the opportunity of travelling to China to inspect and see for himself firsthand the proposed Capital Immigration Investment Plan (CIIP)—one of two top controversial issues that led him to assume leadership of the country in May.

He announced today: “As Prime Minister of the country I can now sleep with some comfort. “Since this program came about, I have maintained a very conservative approach. I still do. However, I would like to reassure the Republic and its people that pursuant to the decision of the Council of Ministers, which affirmed its support for CIIP, I can now comfortably say that we can proceed further with the program.

“And I will do everything possible to ensure that the CIIP program does not disenfranchises the people of Vanuatu and that it brings maximum benefits, while creating the least possible impact to our environment,” said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Natuman firmly believes that it is important Foreign Affairs facilitate the appointment of a new Consul General in Hong Kong to oversee the next steps forward.

“There are yet many issues to sort out concerning CIIP, as well as the PR program and I will deal with those once I am back in the country,” Natuman said reassuringly.

He added: “Somewhere along the way soon we will need to see how we can merge these two programs as they are both national programs and there is no need for competition.”

One of the most significant findings is that Mr Wong Kin Ming, who has been signed by the Vanuatu Registry Services (VRS) as the Master Agent, is genuinely interested in our country and its progress and has major plans ahead.

Secondly, the two programs have not been working in synch with each other. As such Prime Minister Natuman plans to table a Council of Minister’s paper on his return that would ensure the two programs are merged and housed in one office, given the office space available within in the new offices opened on Wednesday.

It is also clear people across all spectrum of the leadership in Vanuatu, including the civil service, are aligned one way or the other towards these two programs.

“This shouldn’t be the case,” said Prime Minister Natuman.

As part of the Council of Minister’s decision, the Minister of Finance and the CIIP Taskforce team were given six months to ensure the program brings maximum benefits to the country once it is fully up and running.

The Prime Minister will be holding a press conference when he arrives back in the country to announce the outcomes of his visit to both China and Hong Kong. It will be from there that more details will be announced.


One Comment on “Vanuatu daily news digest | PM Natuman happy with CIIP”

  1. Tony says:

    Thank you for allowing me to comment.

    It seems that from the PM down everyone is looking at the CIIP scheme as the “goose that laid the golden egg”. I see it as only a very small & temporary fix to the economy here in Vanuatu.
    The large amounts of money coming will soon dry up, as there is only a set number willing to invest here via CIIP. It will not be an endless flow of people & money.

    What then? The ‘think tanks’ should get their collective heads together to address that very important next step forward.

    Thank you,