Vanuatu daily news digest | 28 August 2014

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Is it just coincidence or are these Digest stories that also appeared in today’s Daily Post?
If they are from Daily Post then I haven’t seen Vanuatu Daily Post acknowledged here.


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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 09:21:08 +1100
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Subject: Vanuatu daily news digest | 28 August 2014

The process being used for the election of the officers to the executive of the Vanua’aku Pati at its Congress in Port Vila was yesterday queried. A halt was called to the election (for which a secret ballot was held) and the election continues today. This is just as well (to get it right) considering the problems which stemmed from the Tongoa VP elections last time and which – after an ongoing hiatus – are still determining the shape of nationalist politics today. MPP’s Minister Esmon Saemon has been attending in the Congress giving delegates to understand that the party formed with the Sope split from VP is already reconciled with the parent party. VP President Natapei yesterday stressed the need for VP MPs to maintain regular contact with their constituents. He pointed out that this is essential for the strength of the party which, Natapei admitted, had dropped, as seen with the last election results. All sub-committees have reported to the Congress as required. Minutes of the Panita, Tongoa Congress were accepted. Natapei was reported as saying that the presidency of the party should not be continually occupied by one person: flexibility is required and everyone should accept this. He also made a plea for room to be given to new, young leaders.

The first national stakeholder workshop for the National Green Export Review took place yesterday with the support of UNCTAD, the UN conference which concentrates on trade and development. Deputy PM Ham Lini addressed the conference and pointed out how cocoa, coconut and sandalwood are Vanuatu’s premier three green exports. "Sustainable opportunities now exist," he said, "for Vanuatu producers to increase value-added and diversify markets for these products." Such green production is also expected to lead to a cleaner worldwide development path and is considered a global imperative in view of climate change. UNCTAD’s Secretary-General is attending the workshop.

Vanuatu Ferry is being detained by police orders with Customs and other departmental interests involved. The vessel was stopped from traveling Monday night.

The Big Blue dive operation has staged a massive cleanup of areas of the Vila Harbour and been assisted in their work by Nambawan Cafe personnel and the Boatyard management. Plastic bags and bottles contributed most to the 400 kg of waste collected.

The Chairman of the Port Vila Town Council of Chiefs, Isaac Worwor, is calling on people with dual citizenship to take part in the programmes of the islanders in their areas – "the surest way of being welcomed and accepted into the community," he observes. They should also take an interest in the cultural life of the community, rather than just coming here for whatever kind of personal gain, he says.