Vanuatu daily news digest | 29 August 2014

The Daily Post report today on the resolution of the Vanua’aku Pati (VP) elections yesterday is the clearest available. Natapei retains the party leadership as President, and as the VP Constitution does not require the President of the Party to become PM, the parliamentary business already dealt with (the election of Natuman to the leadership of government) will be honoured by all. Post also reports the Iauko Group (so ready to split at the Tongoa Congress) being ready to re-unite with the Vanua’aku Pati. Daily Post lists other executive positions now filled without further concern over the electoral process.

Head of State Iolu Abbil leads the Radio Vanuatu News with a call on all leaders of the country today to honour the Independence vision of the founding fathers of Vanuatu – the foundation of the nation of Vanuatu. "The strength of the country and our independence greatly depend on that foundation," he said. He was speaking in advance of the election which will choose his successor in the near future, his term ending Tuesday.

The first National Green Export Review Workshop is reported by Radio Vanuatu News as having learned that the quality of copra exported by Vanuatu must – as always – be a matter for concern as claimed by the private sector at the meeting.

A Chinese navy ship will make a goodwill visit to Port Vila from the weekend until 7 September (except September 3 when a cruise ship is in port) all media report. Chinese doctors and medical teams on board will be available to conduct examinations of persons wishing medical advice. At certain times the professionals will be available at the Chinese Club, downtown, and at others they will be in Mele village.

Today’s Daily Post Transparency page carries a full report on the unlawful granting of citizenship to Juris Gulbis Saken (a name we thought had dropped from this news blog for ever.) It shows the need for ongoing vigilance in the matter of citizenships. Gulbis Saken had been "adopted" (although he was of mature years) by a Santo family. This is an unsatisfactory basis for adoption. Transparency also applauds the establishment of the Police Professional Standards Unit which will look into police actions claimed to be unethical.

Post reports conflicting information about the detention of Vanuatu Ferry. The full story will undoubtedly come to light in the not distant future.