Vanuatu daily news digest | 1 September 2014

There was no Digest on Saturday and when the majority of the news involves what at times seems to be the national sport of lodging motions one can only await the final outcome. Today one MP was alleged to have mis-used the signatures of two others, in a report in Post, and their support of the motion was withdrawn. It was learned in Daily Post at the weekend that the next Head of State of Vanuatu, about to be elected, will be the next USP Chancellor.

Foreign Minister Kilman has returned from visits to Asian and other destinations and was reported in today’s Daily Post to be considering recommending a Sydney consulate in planning with Air Vanuatu to ease the burden of hard-working honorary consul William Longwah.

Daily Post’s Editor Royson Willie, in a letter to his own paper on Saturday, deplores the "legalized selling of the people’s identity" in this country in the form of passports. Quite right, too, in this writer’s opinion, when until 34 years ago, as Royson points out, there was no citizenship of any kind at all for the people of this country. Receiving 49% or less for just such a scheme is very wrong and needs to be re-addressed. CIIP has been alleged elsewhere, and by the Prime Minister Joe Natuman, to provide more revenue for the businesses selling it than for Vanuatu. The Vanuatu Daily News Digest adds its support to Editor Royson’s complaint.

Saturday’s Daily Post also told us that 70 ni-Vanuatu and 80 Chinese are working on the new Convention Centre. This digest is now offering a subversive plan for that building. As we have learned with our first such centre at Le Lagon, available for the 2013 ACP-EU ministerial conference, there are very few bookings for such a facility and huge maintenance costs. Could not a government which bears no responsibility for the work force which the Centre will never be able to employ just ask the Chinese to modify the structure into a new government building? And if there’s any money left over, could it not be used to renovate all the decrepit housing falling down in the Paddock area? No?