Vanuatu daily news digest | 2 September 2014

The motion lodging sport of parliamentarians has already come un-stuck, all media are reporting today. Five MPs of the government side have withdrawn their alleged sponsorship of the motion of no confidence in PM Joe Natuman. The motion was found to be not in order.

Today is the last day in office of Head of State Iolu Abbil and Parliament, as the principal body of the electoral college for choosing the next President of the Republic, will need to meet soon in order to appoint Abbil’s successor. Provincial council leaders are also required to participate in this election.

Daily Post today reveals the promissory notes which Parliament would have been obliged to authorize had the government not changed. They were to be irrevocable and unconditional promissory notes. The winners of the hugely rewarding financial opportunity, Vanuatu Trade Development Pte Ltd of Singapore, lacking an enviable record of international airport construction, wanted to be sure of receiving 350 million US dollars, anyway, and "on demand". It is believed there are likely to be calls for an Ombudsman Report in this matter.

Radio Vanuatu News this morning recorded the death of Charley Douglas, ni-Vanuatu scientist who was originally employed by the Geological Survey of Vanuatu and did much work relative to the volcanic activity on his home island of Ambrym.

Evidence presented by Prosecutions in the case of the murdered schoolgirl from Montmartre was insufficient to establish proof of guilt on the part of the suspect who had pleaded "not guilty" to the offence. Post reports acquittal of the suspect.

Daily Post reports over 900 patients receiving professional assistance from the Chinese medical ship in Port Vila. State Minister Esmon Sae (MIPU) actually underwent an operation on board the Ark Peace, a floating hospital, the report states. Patients have been attended to on board the ship or at the Chinese Club in town.


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    The home island of Charley Douglas was Tongoa not Ambrym. Thanks,