Vanuatu daily news digest | 4 September 2014

In the last 24 hours radio and print bulletins have been highlighting the deportation order against lawyer Robert Herd. The Official Gazette simply states that non-citizen Robert Herd is to be removed as of yesterday’s date and is signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs. Daily Post reports Herd being politically involved and drafting amendments to the Strata Titles Act and Regulations in Vanuatu. Strata titles have been used here for purposes other than in Australia.

Daily Post also carries front page news today concerning the kava campaign being launched by Agriculture Minister Tosul to stop trading in the "dreaded two-day kava." Kava compliance officers are to be appointed and farmers are being helped to identify the offensive variety of kava root. Production of the noble kavas is being encouraged by the Ministry, the Kava Act strengthened and shipments for overseas will be closely examined.

Daily Post reports the Presidential election being scheduled for 17 September.