vanuatu daily news digest | 5 September 2014

Motion business heads the agenda today, the Opposition having asked the Court for Parliament to meet today to discuss their motion of censure against Prime Minister Natuman. However, lawyers for the two parties, Daily Post points out, have only been able to arrange for their clients to meet and agree a date, but this is not yet agreed.

A draft Environment and Social Impact Assessment or an ESIA has been released covering the Takara Geothermal Power Project. Geodynamics, the company promoting the project, says the power supply project can be "developed safely with low impact on the environment through the application of high health, safety and environment standards and good industry practice." Public meetings to discuss the findings will be held in Takara and Port Vila on 11 and 13 October.

Acting PM Lini has expressed Vanuatu’s gratitude for the huge undertaking of the professionals on board the Chinese medical ship in treating some 2801 outpatients and conducting operations. Long queues of people have been seeking treatment at the ship, in Mele village and at the Chinese Club. 18 surgical operations have been performed, Daily Post reports.

Radio Vanuatu News highlights a visit from Commonwealth representatives at the end of the year to discuss Vanuatu’s application to host the CHOGM meeting in 2017. We have heard of this already, but it is still accorded top place in the bulletin, so it must be considered important. By whom?

The Transparency page in Post today deals with mis-use of government vehicles.

The Intellectual Property Office is organising a meeting Monday to set up the Vanuatu Copyright Society. The meeting will be at 9 am at the VNPF conference room.


2 Comments on “vanuatu daily news digest | 5 September 2014”

  1. Dear sir,
    The Vanuatu Government and all political parties leaders seems to be more like children’s toys. The opposition and Government both are like, for they don’t seem to have loyalty to their voters and country. How can we develop vanuatu by even showing good examples to the younger generation in leadership if we cannot let the Government complete its term of Governing. VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE spoils the good reputation of Vanuatu politics. Each grpoups or party have their own polocies terms, stick to that, and Vote of No Confidence has its place. I am sick of it.


  2. MP Robert Sikol Bohn says:

    Sorry Bob, for the sake of your readers I was wondering if you could be slightly more accurate with your reporting. The discussion before the Court is not the Motion of No Confidence.

    The discussion before the Court surrounds the calling of Parliament and most particularly, the ruling of the Speaker that the calling is not in order. The Motion itself is what Parliament debates.

    Thanks for the chance to set the record straight.

    MP Robert Sikol Bohn