Vanuatu daily news digest | 7 September 2014

Opposition Leader Carcasses, in the weekend papers, continues to claim that the deportation of lawyer Robert Herd with long standing real estate connections in Vanuatu was illegal. Acting Prime Minister Lini countered with "the Opposition will require more than the cunning efforts of people like Mr Herd and other like-minded individuals if they should be allowed back into government." He added that since going back into power in May, the government has had the broad objectives of weeding out corruption, finding lasting solutions to political instability and re-directing the country back on course to economic recovery and self-sufficiency. "As long as we have the mandate and support of the people we will not rest on our laurels until we have delivered on these key broad policy agendas," he said.

Daily Post reports the sad death of Dr John Ondawame, an academic and one of the leaders of the West Papuan independence struggle just before the conference planned for all West Papuan freedom movements. His PhD is in political science from the ANU. It is understood he will be buried here this week.

Daily Post says the judgement in the motion of no confidence case, which now has claims of cash payments for its support, will be at 10 Monday morning.

Joe Mulders, as an old hand in the tourism industry in this country, points out from Brisbane, concerning the Convention Centre (to be) that such places attract a large number of visitors but for a short period of time. "However, unless you have the many extra hotel rooms or aircraft seats, let us say over 1,200 available in a maximum of a couple of days, this Convention Centre cannot be filled with the required number of participants to a conference and will be a failure." He wishes Vanuatu luck. It will need a lot of it to make a success of the venture near Parliament (ed.)