Vanuatu daily news digest | 9 September 2014

Justice is prevailing and the motion is not going anywhere. Daily Post reports the Speaker of Parliament denying in Court that MPs John Tesei, Simeon Kaltaliu and Richard Mera ever signed the notice. Speaker Boedoro also understood that on or about 11 August these MPs signed a loan agreement with MP Tony Nari representing the Leader of the Opposition Moana Carcasses. The Speaker contended that the use of the signatures for a loan agreement did not constitute demand for an extra-ordinary sitting of Parliament, which, of course, it doesn’t. Two other denials of signing were also accepted by the Court. Daily Post headlines the story "Opposition looking at lodging an appeal." It is hard to see how that could win them anything. No real cause for a motion has ever been publicised and with Parliament meeting next week, Wednesday 17 September, for the presidential election anyway, and with all real MPs in attendance, insistence on a motion appears at best mischievous. No, the motion is surely not going anywhere and the game of motions for loans must be considered over.

Daily Post speculates on numbers for the Presidential election, suggesting it will be necessary for a Nationalist / Modérés compromise. The Electoral College consists of the MPs (52) and 6 Presidents of the Provinces. We can only hope that for the top post in the land this collegiate membership will make a decision based on good character and wisdom. The "core values" apparent in customary and community leadership stand us in good stead here, if only the electors will observe them. A letter to the editor today calls on these electors to ask themselves what they have done for their people lately.

The Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA) is to replace the Vanuatu National Training Council (VNTC). It will be legally responsible for the development and maintenance of standards and qualifications in post-school education and training. It will replace the trade testing authority which used to reside at the corner below the Public Works Ministry. The Education Ministry is being helped by Australia and New Zealand in the VQA, and it is expected employment opportunities will result, both here and overseas. The VQA is chaired by long-time educational professional Jesse Dick.

The Lands Ministry has appointed new members to the National Housing Corporation.

Post has cooperatives likely to earn over a billion vatu this year. The Acting Director Ridley Joseph said their profits increased by 6.2% last year to 926 million vatu. The Savings and Loans scheme also did well and the number of cooperatives has increased substantially.