Vanuatu daily news digest | Foreign involvement in motion

The PM has warned business people from overseas, who are using Vanuatu to increase their wealth, against their becoming involved in the politics of Vanuatu. This comes after the deportation of an Australian lawyer involved in real estate, Robert Herd, alleged to be using his wealth to sponsor the last motion of no confidence which was adjudicated in the Supreme Court yesterday. The Government said it has adequate proof of the foreigner’s involvement in this matter and will not hesitate to deport non-nationals interfering in politics. PM Natuman spoke as the Government celebrated its win in the case brought by former PM Carcasses. Natuman said the Government is tired of seeing continual changes of administration. MPs have a right to change their government, he said, but it must be over a matter of national concern rather than for selfish or personal interests, Radio Vanuatu News reported.