Vanuatu daily news digest | 13 September 2014

Radio Vanuatu this morning reports Bishop John Bosco Barames, leader of the Vanuatu Catholic Church, saying there must be good, clear and strong understanding of the spirit of the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC). This follows the particularly strident Seventh Day Adventist criticisms being made through the SDA rally taking place presently at Freswota. Bishop Barames said a healthy relationship between the churches of Vanuatu has been established now for many years and must continue.

Radio Vanuatu News yesterday carried news that Gilles Daniel, who lost his citizenship this week, claims the government made a big mistake owing to "political instability". The Independent today has him saying the Citizenship Commission "didn’t even call him to get his side of the story." The Commission cancelled Daniel’s citizenship saying it was obtained by fraud. Daniel is seeking legal advice.

VBTC News reported new methods being used by the Agriculture College and interesting many people of Santo. It concerns livestock production in small areas, and gives rise to "model farms." Facilities have been improved. An important aspect of this form of production is making animal feed available first of all.

The secretary general of the Torba provincial council, Ketty Napuat, has backed the teaching which takes place in kindergarten years. She did so as a kindy teachers’ training programme continued at Sola.