Vanuatu daily news digest | 18 September 2014

Not a lot of ‘hard’ news this time, the continuation of the work of the Electoral College today being well-known from yesterday, and that’s something more to be expected, rather than really ‘hard’ news.

Daily Post this morning has the Vanuatu National Provident Fund – VNPF explaining why there is no distribution of annual interest for 2013. Postings on Facebook have been highly critical of this. It would seem that previous interest payouts have been higher than financial achievement of the VNPF properly suggested. Following an international accounting company audit, property values have had to be revised and then VNPF practices reviewed.

Pastor Alan Nafuki told listeners to Radio Vanuatu this morning that tomorrow, Friday (8am – 12 noon), will see the launching of the Conference Committee and its visions for West Papua. This will take place at Independence Park. Government and representatives of the Vanuatu chiefs, churches, women and youth are requested to give addresses. Nafuki calls on the general public to come and witness the launch.

A customary land management workshop will bring together the chiefs of west Efate tomorrow at Tanoliu. The customary lands officer of Shefa, Daniel Lukai, said the seven chiefs listed in the custom register of West Efate will attend.

Daily Post this morning details new municipality parking places to be set aside for taxis in the capital – and the charge being levied. If the system is going to work it will suggest a much greater level of municipal policing of the VT 500 a month taxis will have to pay. Or will they all have to pay? Who says?