Vanuatu daily news digest | no nickel mining here

No nickel plant to be built in Vanuatu

The Ministry of Lands has seen reports published in the international media of the

signing of a deal in New Caledonia between a New Caledonian and a Chinese

company to build a one-billion US dollar nickel plant in Santo.

These reports are at:

Radio New Zealand:


Nouvelle calédonie 1ère:


The Ministry of Lands which is responsible for approving all mineral prospecting,

mineral extraction or mining in Vanuatu is not aware of this project and has not

issued any approvals of any sort for this activity.

The Minister of Lands, the Hon. Ralph Regenvanu, has also confirmed that the

Government has no intention to open any sort of mine or nickel processing plant or

smelter anywhere in Vanuatu.


One Comment on “Vanuatu daily news digest | no nickel mining here”

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks Bob -where do you think RNZI got its (mis) information from? That’s quite unusual for them.