Vanuatu daily news digest | 29 September 2014

VBTC News keeps on touting the alleged excellence of the planned smelting operation at Big Bay Santo, even adding "further comment" after their bulletins. This newsblog predicts comment in opposition to Santo smelting is likely in the very near future, especially when the Environment Director is settled back into his job again. (It seems he has been away.) I will say no more here and now.

Daily Post speculates on the possibility of a motion against the present government of Joe Natuman. It says this comes about "because of his government being divided on the decision of selecting a President." However, the Opposition Leader Carcasses has performed a custom ceremony with Minister Kilman, the story tells us, for crossing the floor with eight MPs against the Kilman government in March 2013. The electorates are surely more concerned with matters such as planned pollution of Santo than what the presidential voting might have been and who crossed the floor in 2013.

The team of Australian pediatric surgeons has been performing life enhancing operations on many children at Vila and Santo hospitals, working closely with senior surgeon Dr Basil Leodoro. They conduct their treatments in harmony and training work for theatre nursing staff as they undertake the specialised operations. Parents have expressed their enormous gratitude.

The Acting Public Prosecutor tries to assure the general public that his office is conducting its duties properly and professionally despite judicial complaints. The report of his comment in Daily Post is not very convincing.

Daily Post also carries a review by BJ Skane of the 1980 pre-Independence history, To Kill A Bird With Two Stones, by Jeremy MacClancy, which people have thought to be out of print. Not so. It can be purchased at the Cultural Centre and Post Office.

And Post has a letter from Vincent Bulekone questioning the authority of the Citizenship Commission to remove the citizenship of Gilles Daniel.

And, what’s more, Fest Nap starts Wednesday!