Vanuatu daily news digest | The first Milk Run flight

A number of readers of this blog this morning enjoyed the story of the first Milk Run flight 50 years ago. Here are some photos to go with it:

The passengers: Pierre Bougeois, Paul Burton, Bob Paul (chairman), Jack Schulz, new Pilot. Front: Joe Mulders as secretary/manager and Albert Ardimani (builder in Noumea and built Vate Hotel and owner of his new building on the waterfront) …

and …

Tongoa 1964 damaged landing gear on landing, Joe Mulders in the white socks and local possum power to lift wing.

Another Joe aviation story will appear in the next days or weeks – the first flight to Mystery Island.


One Comment on “Vanuatu daily news digest | The first Milk Run flight”

  1. sonny foreman says:

    Great history of aviation and Vanuatu coming into the modern age.