Vanuatu daily news digest | correction from Robert Bohn

You are truly starting to annoy me. I see that you did not authorize my last comment. Are you now selectively editing your blog. Anyway, I have corrected you many times regarding the fact that VMSL is headquartered here in Port Vila and not NY as you continue to state in your blog.

Please immediately post this correction otherwise I will assume that you are actively and consciously providing disinformation to your readers.

Also, to be fully accurate, I have stated that VMSL has no requirement or responsibility to train seafarers. All training of Vanuatu seafarers is done through the Vanuatu Maritime College (VMC). Since the GOV underfunds the VMC nd so I am asking the government to properly fund the College starting in 2015.

As for building Maritime and Aviation capacity in the country, I am calling on the government to dedicate two scholarships each year in each sector in order to begin the training so urgently needed.