Vanuatu daily news digest | 16 October 2014

The European Commission has saluted Vanuatu and Fiji in their efforts to tackle illegal fishing after warnings two years ago. The Commission says, and RNZI and Radio Vanuatu report, the two countries have taken concrete measures to address shortcomings and shown commitment to complete structural reforms in order to address illegal fishing. New laws and better control, monitoring and inspection are required. Sri Lanka has failed to begin compliance and is likely to lose the ability to import Sri Lankan fish catches. PNG has now received a formal warning.

Prime MInister Natuman has praised the small island companies of Ifira Wharf and Stevedoring for the dividends which have just been released by Chief Mantoi Kalsakau III. Natuman said that their agreement "remains a positive example of public / private partnership which maintains the confidence of the Government to continue to support the new development initiatives including the Lepatasi multi-purpose wharf terminal." Daily Post reported VT 25 million going to the Vanuatu Government which is shared with the Municipality, Shefa and Tafea, Daily Post reported today.

SPREP is assisting Vanuatu delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference to set the priority issues. The Conference is in Bonn, 20 – 25 October. Local experts are being assigned issues to address. Climate Change DG Jotham Napat told participants they must take action because climate change continues to affect us, VBTC News reported.

On VBTC News and in Daily Post, Foreign Minister Kilman’s speech to the Bali Democracy Forum is highlighted by the Minister’s referring to the continually evolving nature of governance, to "meet the growing demands of a nation at a local level. He also spoke of the "quality leadership which a democratic political system promises to everyone."