Vanuatu daily news digest | Vanuatu and ACP-EU cancel Assembly

As mentioned two days ago, the Speaker of the Vanuatu Parliament has been in Brussels to discuss the planning for the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly scheduled for 26 November – 3 December. This was to bring some hundreds of delegates and officials to the capital. Prime Minister Natuman has just now spoken over national radio saying that the ACP-EU Assembly here at this time is cancelled and a time in June next year is being offered. The Ebola virus, which has so interfered with the lives of the people of Africa, is the reason. Many West African delegates will be amongst the visitors. The PM and Government are concerned that delegates should run no particular risk by coming to a small island developing country, lacking many facilities. PM Natuman said the Vanuatu Government decision, agreed in the Council of Ministers, is understood by the ACP-EU organizing committee which will organise another meeting in November for Brazil.