Vanuatu daily news digest | 17 October 2014

This morning all media are carrying news of the postponement, due Ebola’s widening circulation, of the huge Joint ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly which was to begin on 26 November bringing some hundreds of foreign Parliamentarians to Port Vila. The office of the Prime Minister, Daily Post states, declares the decision is "absolutely essential particularly because it was admitted Vanuatu does not have in place in place the necessary measures, resources nor the health infrastructure in compliance with requirements of the WHO," at least not in time for the meeting.

Post also begins today with the news the Supreme Court has declared the MoU between the Republic and VUI, Santo electricity, void. The reasons are not yet clear but will be made available as soon as possible.

Youth are today participating in a climate change march in the capital. Sea level rise is the main concern, and dramatic pictures of such effects at White Point, Nguna, are shown on the Transparency page. Transparency draws attention to their own Global Report on Climate Change.

There is more … You will get it later.