Vanuatu daily news digest | 19 October 2014

Vakas arriving today!

Three large voyaging canoes are to be officially welcomed today in the capital on their way to Sydney. They will participate in the 6th World Parks Conference. The three vaka left Suva, Fiji on Tuesday 14 October. They include Marumaru Atua from the Cook Islands, Gaualofa from Samoa and Uto ni Yalo from Fiji. A fourth sailing north from Aotearoa will meet them in Sydney for the Congress. They are on what is called the Mua Voyage and its theme is an appeal for environmental sustainability for the Pacific Islands and Ocean.

There will be a welcome at the Seafront today at 3.30 pm and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the afternoon. The weather looks good. See the voyaging vakas’ cultural performances and meet the crew members of the vakas.

Come and celebrate the revival of traditional voyaging and seafaring in the South Pacific.

Come and appeal for a sustainable Pacific.