Vanuatu daily news digest | 22 October 2014- second try

There has not been a lot blogabble since the last vanuatudaily – the Digest – came out on Monday. But there were the evictions from Destination (more about them a little later).

PM Natuman highlights the need for urgent repairs to Bauerfield airport. It is a major concern of government. A new Task Force committee has been appointed. But the PM made it clear there is no plan for any new Greenfield airport development until an Aviation Master Plan is established. On Radio Vanuatu News he accused the former promoters of the Greenfield project at Rentabau of misleading the public as regards airport development.

Daily Post led today with news of a new ATR arriving next week for the national airline. CEO Joseph Laloyer explained that the first ATR 72 500 has been an excellent workhorse. He was pleased to be able to point out the advantages for local travelers.

The revision of agricultural policies proceeds, and Minister Tosul has continued to explain through VBTC how policies are being established. Starting next year, and with the revised land laws in place, the Minister said, he expects all young people to be able to have work. This would be on their own custom land.

The eviction of people from the Destination area near the Tagabe Agricultural College took place several days ago without interference and general cooperation from the 300 residents. The Acting Police Commissioner seemed pleased with the results. Which brings us to today’s news and Daily Post advising that a hectare of land has been found at Etas with the cooperation of the Ministry of Lands. This parcel of space is intended for those who have been displaced by the 10 eviction orders which were legally carried out.

As well as the new TVET Centre in Toba there is now a USP sub-centre from last week. It is located at the Arep bi-lingual school

Lands Minister Regenvanu Friday met with the nickel smelters in New Caledonia to establish what are their expectations of smelting at Santo. He also met with his counterpart in the Caledonian government. New Caledonia has offered to assist Vanuatu in this matter should such help be needed.

Deputy Prime Minister Ham Lini, Minister of Tourism, has urged bus and taxi drivers to improve their behaviour towards their passengers – tourists and especially those on cruise ships. Special training for bus and taxi drivers has recently been held.

Sanma Province has been training its area personnel in financial matters.

And a couple of corrections (so rarely needed for this bulletin!) The VNPF purchase of Club Vanuatu needs must be considered worthwhile. It is to be the headquarters for the financial and investor and employer institutions – VIPA, Customs, Labour, Immigration, etc. Rent will be paid to the VNPF for the "one stop shop".

And Korman Stadium … whilst built for the 1993 Mini-Games was not built by the Chinese as an aid project. Who remembers the responsible donor(s)?


2 Comments on “Vanuatu daily news digest | 22 October 2014- second try”

  1. Joe Pakoa says:

    I think it was the French government that fund that project during Korman as the prime minister when it was named after him.


  2. I believe the French built the Korman stadium. Please advise which engineer condemned the structure as no good as looks good to me.