Vanuatu daily news digest | 23 October 2014

Worries proliferate concerning the Ebola crisis in Africa and our preparedness should it ever get here. Trying to ensure everyone remains calm, the Health Ministry is preparing a public meeting for tomorrow at 10 am in the World Health Organisation conference room. Dr Tokon expresses the concerns of the medical profession in today’s Post. Media attendance is especially required at the public meeting, the Ministry says. Of interest to islanders will be the finding from the first Ebola crisis in neighbouring African states in 1976 that the flying fox was a principal carrier of the virus forty years ago, assisting the disease to cross international borders.

The number of displaced persons from Destination at Tagabe has increased, the figure now being given as 432 following issue of the eviction order. 53 houses were destroyed. Chief Kalsong of the Eratap / Etas area where the refugees will be housed was praised by provincial authorities for making land available for the Destination people. The general public is again urged to be aware of people coming to settle on land for which no title is ever likely to be available.

Page one of Daily Post today urges a Commission of Inquiry into VNPF investments. In particular, the purchase of Banian Estate for VT 180 million is questioned, suggesting it could have made the purchase for around half that amount. The VNPF must remain aware of all suggestions such as this one and it would do well to refer to them in its not so frequent "Updates" in Daily Post. Lately we have simply learned of their ICT advances, that Member Financial Services has moved and that the Fund has a "new look". Members are entitled to a freer flow of information, especially since it is particular investments which generally give rise to Fund crises.

The VT 1.510.470.456 allegedly owing to the Fishermen of the Fishermen’s Cooperative as unpaid wages after years at sea in different oceans remains still unpaid.The men themselves announced it would be paid out on Tuesday but this did not happen. Daily Post carries the story which ranges from their being given control of the Palekula base at Santo, mis-management of it and the mis-use of the asset, to their attempt to force government to pay through the judicial processes.