Vanuatu daily news digest | 24 October 2014

Not a lot that’s newsworthy today. Ministerial injunctions were the subject of leading VBTC Radio News this morning. The Minister for the Environment is warning against the cutting down of too many trees. Environment Minister Bule said there must be balance between the development everyone wants and the environment they need. The Minister of Agriculture is telling Chinese food outlets to use more local root crops and vegetables in their recipes, starting January, and that these crops will be a key point in future policy planning. Good idea.

However, Daily Post led with the resurgence of the Tanna potato producing season of which we have not heard a lot for some number of years. Over a ton has just been harvested. Another good idea for southern farmers.

Daily Post also led with MP Richard Mera denying he signed a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Natuman. Post also gave adequate space to the new French Ambassador (Allande Boispean) presenting his credentials to the new President (Baldwin Lonsdale). There were no references in their discussion to Umaeneag and Umaenupne.

The Transparency page of Post is interesting in relation to citizenships revoked and political parties’ statements concerning their funding. It would seem increasingly important that political party financing is declared.