Vanuatu daily news digest | 28 October 2014

HRH Princess Anne has started hearing the closing comments in the Emerging Pacific Leaders’ Dialogue concerning the challenges the administration of governance and the economy present to the young people of today. New Zealand, the Solomon Islands and Samoa gave presentations on the first day of the Dialogue yesterday. Radio Vanuatu News reported Her Royal Highness’s comments concerning "trust" as mentioned in the New Zealand presentation. "It is not a word used terribly often, but it is critical in allowing people to do their best. You touched upon it when you mentioned how to involve young people. With my Save the Children hat on, I would say that has always been the key to making a real impact on young people. It is to trust them to have the answer to their problems." the royal visitor observed. Australia, PNG, Fiji and Vanuatu are being heard today. Daily Post reports a custom welcome for Princess Anne led by Chief Raymond Maseiman of Pango in which PM Natuman was present.

Daily Post today reports the death of Douglas Malosu, the first ni-Vanuatu Director of Agriculture. From Nguna, Douglas Malosu was an early student at Onesua (1961) where he has been continually held in high regard, most latterly for organising the Onesua Declaration calling for the high school to offer tertiary studies. A hard working pioneer and dedicated manifestation of the core values of Independence has been lost.

Daily Post carries a report on the boost likely to be experienced by rural businesses in Tafea as MV Touraken makes monthly trips to over a dozen southern ports. The assistance comes under the Inter-Island Shipping Support Project, funded by New Zealand Aid and the Vanuatu Government and with a loan from the Asian Development Bank. The Southern Star experiment is surely now closed and that vessel must be sunk.

The Police have confirmed they hold a suspect in the matter of the knifing of a young girl causing her death at Blacksands. The Acting Police Commissioner urged people there not to try to take the law into their own hands.

Daily Post today carries news of Gilbert Dinh losing his leasehold control of Urelapa Island, South Santo, as authorised by the Valuer General in 2006. A counter claim by Silver Holdings Limited of Robert Herd was upheld. The Supreme Court judgement runs to 16,000 words.

The Waste Management Act and the Pollution Control Act, both operative in June, clarify what the Environment Department expects in order to ensure the correct management of waste material VBTC News reported this morning. The municipal and provincial roles were explained by Environment Director Albert Williams. And the Japanese advisor in the Environment Department spoke of the importance of separating waste according to certain characteristics. A test in this regard is now operative in Freswotas 1 and 6.


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  1. David browning says:

    My condolences to the family of Douglas Malosu. I used to tour with him in the shepherds and Epi in the ’70s and knew him well as he rose in the agricultural service. A thoroughly professional person who gave great service to Vanuatu. Unfortunately a lot of his good work was damaged by incompetent politicians who disrupted agricultural extension work since independence.
    David Browning