Vanuatu daily news digest | TVET increasingly agricultural

This blog has obtained further information concerning the changes foreseen in the Vanuatu Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) programme, said to be one of Australia’s most successful aid programmes. The new government’s focus on agriculture as the "backbone of the country’s economy" is being underscored by TVET beginning to concentrate more heavily on agriculture, forestry, fisheries and livestock in a way which has been abandoned since the Comprehensive Reform Programme (CRP) did away with many of the field officer posts in the Agriculture Department. Agriculture DG Howard Aru and TVET executive Yanhambath signed an MoU last Friday to start training in the TVET centres already established – Torba, Sanma and Malampa. Tourism has been considered as the major economic sector, but as Agriculture Minister Tosul pointed out at the signing ceremony, agriculture is the most important sector relied on by the majority of the population. Improving agricultural production was seen as one of the core values of Independence and the move to assist farmers to better manage their land and its potential will undoubtedly be beneficial to the majority. The ability of TVET to incorporate such training in its regional centres will be appreciated by many.


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  1. Jack Ansen says:

    Bob, I just want to thank you all this time for updating us Ni-Vans who live outside Vanuatu to grasps update on what’s happening in Vanuatu. This is because Vanuatu Independent and Vanuatu daily post required subscription which makes it very difficult for outsider to know what’s going on in Vanuatu. Media outlets outlets in Vanuatu suppose to allow free access to news from Vanuatu than limiting Vanuatu news being broadcasted to the world. I comment your great contributions.