Vanuatu daily news digest | 6 November 2014

Foreign Minister Kilman has urged PASO, the Pacific Aviation Safety Office, to try to reach a solution in the matter of the Solomon Islands / Fiji landing rights dispute. PASO has been meeting in Port Vila where it is based. Minister Kilman urged PASO to find a way to ensure the two countries work together as the kind of problem presently being encountered could be damaging to aviation endeavours anywhere in the Pacific. "We ned to construct aviation links between our countries," said Kilman in a report to Radio Vanuatu News.

In an interview in Buzz FM, the new French Ambassador, Alain du Boispéan, spoke of France’s ongoing assistance to Vanuatu including education, health and infrastructure development. He wants to consolidate the century old relationship between France and Vanuatu. He looks forward to likely discussions with France concerning the Matthew and Hunter islands issue which has so far only been brought to the attention of the United Nations: never discussed with France. The possibility of imminent discussions between the Vanuatu PM and French President has been raised elsewhere.

La Colline at the Second Lagoon has had a police intervention concerning the occupancy of certain people and the belief subdivision habitation is permitted even though the Lands Ministry has announced a stop to such settlement recently. A study being prepared for the Subdivision Policy Advisory Committee has been commissioned and is to be completed in the very near future. Daily Post mentions Police having been sent to the La Colline area to seek answers to certain questions.

Internal Affairs Minister Charlot Salwai has clarified that kava bars and food stalls in town are a matter of the very survival of their owners and do not need business licences. Provinces, however, should not have totally cancelled business licences. A business which makes VT 4 million annual turnover and upwards is required to pay such licence fees. However, for small operations earning below four million a year there is no need for a licence. Radio Vanuatu broadcast a statement of the minister in the matter.

Daily Post reports the Fishermen’s Case reaching a stage of no legal obligation on the part of government. Never-the-less, because of the long-standing nature of the issue, Prime Minister Natuman did agree to meet with the Vanuatu Fishermen Cooperative Marketing Consumer Society Limited (VFCMCSL) representative Reme Kunuan. Legal counsel was not present, Daily Post reported.

Save The Children has published a tool to assist parents and teachers of kindergarten age children. Nabanga Manua magazine is the third such publication. Activities for teachers and parents are suggested. Save The Children Australia has made some 2,000 copies available.

Brussels based EU Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy reports to Daily Post the new Convention Centre will be used for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2017. It cannot be allowed to become a "white elephant," he says.