Vanuatu daily news digest | 8 November 2014

Not a lot of news …

Radio Vanuatu began at 6 by telling us the bulletin would be heard at 12.

The Independent headlined with someone on drug charges being an ‘anti-drug activist’.

Daily Post did, however, cover the opening of the new Central Hospital Outpatients Deprtment, pharmacy, emergency admissions, laboratory, radiology and the new VCH operating theatres. All this took place yesterday.

Daily Post states that PM Natuman will be meeting with French President Hollande of France next weekend or on the Monday. This will take place in New Caledonia, and details are being finalized, French Ambassador Boispéan confirmed.

Post also has the Clerk of Parliament insisting on an apology from the Acting Commissioner of Police who is frequently heard on national radio, the Acting Commissioner most recently having refused a march by the Vanuatu People’s Investment Equity Fund about which little is known. Acting Commissioner Maralau made various allegations concerning the Clerk, subsequently denied by Clerk Kalnpel.

Post has the team investigating the loss of the landing craft MGY reporting full cooperation from everyone able to help. Team Leader Richard Coleman (CEO of the Vanuatu Maritime College) said there was "full cooperation from all persons interviewed."

In Vanuatu Times the mamas of the Seafront are being given 3 months notice to remove their stalls to Dumbea owing to development at the site.

In the Times former PM Moana Carcasses is still promising million vatu loans to MPs in a ‘special project fund’ in connection with a Motion of No Confidence over which he has not yet condescended to give us a reason. One is forced to assume he wishes to buy back his old job on the hill. Times understands the funds are provided locally, forcing one to wonder who would have this kind of money and with whom Carcasses hangs out.