Vanuatu daily news digest | 11 November 2014

Daily Post today reports some VT 14.5 million being allegedly paid into MP bank accounts. Post’s Editor Royson Willie’s sources were prepared to inform on 15 MPs in Opposition receiving either VT 1 million or VT 500 thousand in accounts at ANZ, Westpac and Bred banks. The MPs numbered six from Sanma, one from Penama, two from Tafea, two from Malampa and four from Shefa. There will be much speculation regarding the likely names of these personnel in nakamals tonight. An Opposition source described the money as loans. Whatever they may be labelled if they are to ensure the passage of another motion of no confidence it will amount to bribery. The PM’s first political adviser continues to question why there is seen to be a need to change government. The Opposition has never stated any reason worth millions of vatu and yet allegedly has backers for resuming the Carcasses Government even though it received so little support in the last motion.

Given all of the above, however, Parliament is due to meet on 18 November – next week – yet the 15-day notices of Bills have not been signed by the Clerk (on leave) and the Speaker is seeking advice from the State Law Office. (Daily Post coverage)

Vanuatu’s patrol vessel the RVS Tukoro has been part of a regional surveillance and defence activity code named Kuru Kuru with the assistance of the Australian defence cooperation agreement. Illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing activities were to be tackled. RVS Tukoro patrolled the limits of Vanuatu’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) with the assistance of a French military surveillance plane, Radio Vanuatu reported this morning. Investigations were carried out but no arrests made. The Police Maritime Wing Adviser said that the surface to air work carried out during this year has greatly reduced IUU fishing.

Dr Richard Leona of the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) praised the work of the new digital X-ray equipment installed in the new Outpatients Department of the hospital to Radio Vanuatu News. X-rays can be computer examined and transmitted to elsewhere in the world by the internet as required for comment or advice. The bulletin also carried part of the PM’s speech at the opening of the Outpatients Department in which Natuman extolled the work of the missionary churches for providing medical and health services in the regions of Vanuatu long before the colonial governments. The Presbyterian Church’s Paton Memorial Hospital was the predecessor of VCH. The Anglican mission set up Lolowai Hospital and the SDA church the Aore Hospital. Yesterday’s Daily Post shows the Head of State decorating 46 medical practitioners with medals at the opening of the new VCH facility.

Vanuatu has an election supervision team in the Solomon Islands to observe how the somewhat larger country manages its election procedures, Radio Vanuatu reported.

Post today reports the death of Christopher Turner CBE, Deputy British Resident Commissioner and Financial Secretary at Independence. Chris Turner was responsible for the development of the Finance Centre and tax haven in Vanuatu and subsequently served as British Governor of the famed tax haven the Turks and Caicos Islands as well as Montserrat, also in the Caribbean.

Yesterday’s Post carries a Port Vila municipal warning that development matters like building permits and any kind of change of usage of land will henceforth be subject to strict adherence to the Physical Planning Act. The Act has often been ignored until now the Daily Post learned. But this will not be allowed to continue.

Numeracy and literacy kits in Bislama for Year 1 teachers in government schools were launched at Mele Sungo francophone school on Friday. They have been produced under the Vanuatu Education Support Programme aided by the Australian and New Zealand governments. Australian High Commissioner Jeremy Bruer pointed out that the books, alphabet cards, word chats and maths aids would not only improve literacy and numeracy but underscore the need for preserving the mother tongue. Education is the key to all development, said NZ High Commissioner Georgina Roberts. The aids should assist communications between teachers and pupils. Daily Post covered the event at Mele in its Monday paper.


One Comment on “Vanuatu daily news digest | 11 November 2014”

  1. Eddie R Satungia says:

    The people of Vanuatu needs Political Leaders that are Honest and to be willing sincerely with all their heart, soul, Mind and strength to become SERVANTS to their voters and not to be self-interest, leaving the voters to suffer!
    These practices of accepting Financial frauds had to be erased by the mind and life of our Political leaders; as these offences could lead to our Country’s poverty and destruction.
    Note: show proper examples to your voters MPs’; as a saying goes
    “If you want to be great in God’s Kingdom, you need to be the Servant of ALL”
    Therefore, be encouraged Politicians; if you are involved in one of these recent or past frauds, go back to 2Chronicles 7:14.. “If my people who are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, seek My face and Call unto Me; I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sins and HEAL their LAND”.