Vanuatu daily news digest | 12 November 2014

The really good news today is on page 2 of Daily Post, the Chinese design team and the Ministry of Education agreeing to the new designs for Malapoa College. This will mean 24 new classrooms. And then 8 laboratories and space for teachers’ offices, an administration block, library, dormitories, etc. Chinese Ambassador Xie Bohua referred to the college as the cradle of the elites in Vanuatu. Tru ia. The professional work of the design team of Wang Dan was praised by Minister Loughman and College representatives.

Daily Post leads with the news that Northern and Southern Stars are to be sunk at last thank goodness. These rust buckets have been dangerously serving no useful purpose for far too long.

In other maritime news, Minister Regenvanu was this morning to sail under Sydney Harbour Bridge with other leaders on the canoes which were recently here and are part of the Mua Voyage. It is opening day of the IUCN World Parks Congress which hopes to deploy nature-based solutions to global environmental challenges.

Radio Vanuatu this morning advised that an agreement has been signed with Pro Medical (VEMSA) to supply ambulance services in Port Vila and Luganville. Minister Wells pointed out that many are the complaints regarding the usual government ambulance service and Pro Medical has proven itself over a number of years with its larger professional establishment.

The curriculum reform will remove the ban on the use of Bislama in schools VBTC reports today. At the basic education level to class 3 better communications are thus assured. Understanding of what is being taught will be improved.