Vanuatu daily news digest | 13 November 2014

Keith Woodward OBE died at Bath in England, early this morning Vanuatu time. His role in Constitutional development from the New Hebrides to Vanuatu was colossal. An obituary will be read in tomorrow’s Daily Post.

Both Radio Vanuatu and Daily Post reported the appointment of the new Public Prosecutor today. He is a Fijian lawyer practising in the United Kingdom. Judicial Affairs Minister Alfred Carlot made the announcement at the opening of the completely renovated Public Prosecutor’s Department, although the new PP’s name was not given.

The Greens are claiming the Daily Post article on million vatu deposits to the bank accounts of Opposition MPs are defamatory, but they do not deny they made them, actually claiming they were indeed made, and in support of the former and next Prime Minister Moana Carcasses. They say they are looking after their MPs in opposition like a "shepherd looks after the pasture to feed his sheep." We have not been very good at sheep husbandry in this country. We have much more experience of pigs. The Opposition statement is totally at odds with the Leadership Code, which, of course, is broken by those receiving as well as those offering bribes.

Parliament meets next Tuesday, 18 November. The new Head of State will be honoured by a special welcome ceremony.

Further steps have been taken to enable re-cycling of certain waste materials region-wide with the help of the Japanese aid agency JICA. Radio Vanuatu News reported waste solids such as aluminium and steel cans now having streamlined disposal places at Freswota. The JICA volunteers see Port Vila’s as a pilot project for the region. The bulletin also referred to the efforts of Wan Smolbag and its youth members undertaking similar waste management plans.

Ports & Harbours is planning to tighten the regulations concerning derelict ships because of the environmental risks, Daily Post reports today.

And Post also carries interesting articles on Vanuatu trade with the other MSG countries and the Ministry of Agriculture involving its personnel in planning issues through a national retreat on Pele island.


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  1. Lesley Macfarlane says:

    So sorry to hear your news – both Chris Turner and Keith Woodward now departed within days of each other. Both impacted enormously in their very different ways on events leading up to independence.