Vanuatu daily news digest | 16 November 2014 (a day late)

Daily Post’s weekend edition has Prime Minister Natuman meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping again this week in Fiji subsequent to their meeting at the UN General Assembly. (PM Natuman is also scheduled to meet French President Hollande this week in Nouméa.) Post carries an article from the Chinese Ambassador Xie Bohua concerning the "milestone" in China and Pacific relations represented by this 22 November Nadi summit.

Lands Minister Regenvanu paid a tribute to the community of Ernas near Erakor at the opening of their electricity and water services, Friday. He sees Ernas as a "model community," he said. "Those of us who live and work in the capital must recognize the Efatese for giving us land and accepting our coming to live with them." He paid a tribute to the chief, custom owners and people of Erakor for permitting people from other places to come and stay at Ernas and to enjoy a good life there. Regenvanu performed the opening of the services at the celebration reported VBTC News.

Radio Vanuatu also reported the Codex Alimentarius provisions required for registration of kava as a regional commodity for human consumption being under discussion in a conference in Samoa recently, saying this will help its acceptance in countries outside the region. There was not a lot of detail. However, the three-day retreat of Agriculture personnel at Pele island, North Efate was described by Minister Tosul as giving clear work directions for the ministry to follow in future.

Post also has Public Prosecutions files reaching the National Archives with Australian assistance in refurbishing the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) worth VT 9 million. Acting Public Prosecutor Leon Malantugun applauded the efforts which went into the re-opening of the PPO on Wednesday,

Post seems to have Opposition Leader Carcasses’s complaints against the Natuman Government based on it not achieving repairs to Bauerfield in their short existence. One has to say that neither did the Carcasses Government achieve these repairs in a year. Post also has the PM’s Office political adviser Iapson responding to Carcasses complaints over allegedly a wealth of proof of bribery on the part of the Greens Confederation. He says "The Greens and Mr Carcasses must be the richest and biggest political benefactors in the country’s political landscape." The Independent gives over all of page one to Carcasses’ 5 million vatu loan agreements for support of the Greens.

The reporting of bribery is usual before a Parliament sitting (this week) as are, often enough, reports of MPs not receiving their copies of Bills for debate. MP Willie Jimmy declares he needs to know the source of the nearly 18 billion vatu expenditure for government services next year. There always was a revenue budget along with expenditure in the past. He gives us to understand this is no longer the case.

Showing the prominence tourism achieves in the nation’s perspective, the Australia-Pacific Technical College – APTC – this year reported its highest number of graduates. It was 193 for 2014 and brings the total graduated to 1,143. The PM, it was noted on their graduation day, had sponsored six successful students from his electorate.

And the anchor of the Astrolabe has turned up, Post reports. It used to be located in front of the Public Library downtown. It disappeared with changes to the front of the building, but is now likely to undergo repairs and beautification.