Vanuatu daily news digest | 21 November 2014

On a day when there is particularly important news – the Government launching a motion against the Opposition – VBTC News fails to appear. As already reported this morning the strong Government side (and remember 33 supported Natuman bringing him into power) is seeking to have the craven MPs of the Opposition sidelined for at least until the first ordinary sitting of next year is over, because of their foolish acceptance of Moana’s (or whose?) money to return the naturalised PM to power. Go out and buy Daily Post if you haven’t already done so and read Thompson Marango’s story. Who knows what there will be on VBTC at noon as there was no-one to give us this important news of the Government motion at 6 this morning: no news bulletin, just the weather. Maybe it has something to do with the change of VBTC management – for what reason I know not. But as one journalist said to me this week, "I’m just looking for a way out as quickly as possible."

At last the Torres islands are to receive regular monthly shipping. The New Zealand Government has provided the huge amount of USD 12.6 million and the Vanuatu Government is also budgeting funds for an essential service which Northern Star (now on its way to being sunk), due to a bad prime ministerial acceptance ages ago, never looked like providing. LCM Shipping has the contract for a monthly service for passengers and freight.

Today on the Transparency page of Post, the North Ambrym Community is said to be searching for Holi Simon. This former Chairman of the Public Service Commission is alleged to have squandered the money of the HS Trading and Investment Group for which methods of trickery were said to be employed to obtain money. Transparency is also interested in the Alleged Opposition bribery, they say, and the fact that many government phone numbers have changed without proper advice – even the Police emergency line. This newsblog site recently received three pages of internal and external government numbers changed from a source. Whether it is the job of TVL or of OGCIO to make it known (there are over a hundred changes on the 3 pages) your writer has no idea. But I will endeavour to establish where I should ring and tell you next time.